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How Oral Health Can Be Affected By Your Diet

It is important to choose what we put in our mouth as they have a direct effect to our oral health. Even the rings that we put in our tongue or the lips can have adverse effects to our teeth in the long run if you are not careful. Dental hygiene go hand in hands with the menu that we use hence the need to use healthy foods which will prevent any problems related to your teeth. You will notice that any time that you eat foods with a lot of sugars, or the drinks with more acidic content in them, then your teeth will be exposed to dental caries and tooth decay in the long run. You will notice formation of plaque as it forms on the teeth as a result of sugars that are left in our teeth after eating sugary foods.

Ensure that you are safe from plaque as it leads to removal of enamel from your teeth thus exposing your teeth to more dental problems. Your the tooth is likely to decay when the enamel is removed as it exposes the root of the teeth to attack by the acid. Other effects of plaque include sensitive teeth, gum bleeding and gum pockets which lead to gingivitis. Make sure that you are eating the foods that have the right sugars that area needed for the general health of our body but not the one that affects the oral health such as beverages and foods that contain excess sugars. Ensure that you are using the natural sugars that area found in the fruits and vegetables and also choose the foods the foods and drinks that have fewer sugars as this will help you avoid chances of having dental caries or tooth decay.

It is essential to note that not only those people who are consuming sugars are affected by the tooth decay but also the one that does eat the refined carbohydrates such as those found in pasta, chips and crackers. If you are not careful in your brushing of the teeth, you will notice that some sugars will be stuck on the teeth which are not good as it will contribute to formation of plaques leading to erosion of enamel and decay as well. If you eat the sticky and chewy foods that are left on the teeth after brushing, then you are most likely to be affected by the dental decay. The sodas, wines and other beverages that area carbonated contains sugars and acids that can remove the protective enamel of the tooth leading to adverse effect to your oral health.

Note that even the sports drinks have varying pH levels where some of them are acidic. It is recommended that one should brush the teeth twice each day to ensure that the teeth have no trace of sugars or acids.

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